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Sunday February 1, 2015
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Philips/Respironics MiniElite Portable Nebulizer with Battery RDD483 $120.00
Philips/Respironics MiniElite Portable Nebulizer with Battery RDD483 $120.00
The lightweight/portable MiniElite compressor nebulizer is easy-to-use and provides efficient nebulizer treatments. This stylish, elegant compressor provides portability and can be powered by three versatile power source options--- AC (120v), car cigarette lighter adapter and removable rechargeable battery. The rechargeable lithium ion battery operates the Mini Elite compressor for up to 90 minutes between charges. This battery technology offers easy and fast re-charging in a lightweight design. The MiniElite compressor weighs less than 1 pound and less than 1.4 pounds with the battery attached. "The patient-friendly design of the Mini Elite fits the lifestyle needs of patients," said Matt Conlon, Director of Sales and Marketing for Respironics Respiratory Drug Delivery business, "while meeting homecare providers need for cost effectiveness and product reliability." The SideStream Plus breath-enhanced nebulizer features an easy-action inspiratory valve that opens on inspiration to boost medication delivery and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste. Significantly less pressure is required to open the inspiratory valve compared to other breath-enhanced nebulizers. With its proven SideStream five-jet venturi design, SideStream Plus provides a high respirable fraction and shortens treatment times. Average Treatment Time 7 minutes for 3ml dose. Includes Two Sidestream Plus High Efficiency Reusable Nebulizers, Carrying Case, 12V DC Power Cord, Rechargeable Battery, Filters and Instructional DVD. 3 Year Warranty on Compressor. Weight 1 pound. Dimensions L 4 1/2 in. W 3 1/2 in. H 2 in. Replacement reuseable nebulizer with tubing #HS870. Replacement Air Filter #1041534. AC Adapter #1036899. DC Adapter #1036519 Prescription RequiredFax or mail your prescription to us. $ 120.00 Order now.

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