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Wednesday April 1, 2015
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HealthScan Personal Best(TM) Peak Flow Meter #756 (50-390 L/min) Low Range $19.50

HealthScan's Personal Best(TM) Peak Flow Meter (with accuracy better than +/- 5%) is engineered to travel. Its discreet fold away design makes it easy to carry the Personal Best in a suit coat pocket, a purse or a book bag. Color-coded zone indicators slide along a channel that parallels the Personal Best scale. Indicators can be positioned at appropriate scale locations to designate your own personal "safety," "caution," and "danger" peakflow zones. The Personal Best meets the National Asthma Education Program Technical Standards for Peak Flow Meters, and comes complete with one 9-week patient record chart and full instructions. It can be sterilized and is dishwasher safe. 6.5" x 2.0" x 0.8" 3.0 oz. 1-year warranty.

Price: $ 19.50    Item #: 756     Qty: each   

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