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Sunday May 28, 2017
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Pari LC Sprint reuseable nebulizer 23F35 $17.95

PARI LC SPRINT nebulizer Very short inhalation times combined with efficient deposition in the main area of the lungs. The integral valve system provides short inhalation times and reduced loss of medication. The patient breathes normal in and out. The nebulizer does not need to be periodically removed.

Designed for use with any compressor. Inhalation times are shortened due to high output. The small number of parts enable simple handling and cleaning. The transparent chamber enables you to easily check the medication level in the nebulizer. The PARI LC SPRINT nebulizer is suitable for all solutions and suspensions approved for inhalation and which must be deposited mainly in the central region of the lung. Dishwasher-safe, can be disinfected in boiling water, chemically/thermally disinfected and autoclaved. - reusable and recyclable and has a serviceable life of 6 months to 1 year. PARIs reusable nebulizers are special because they are breath enhanced. This technology delivers more medication when you breathe in, and wastes less when you breathe out for the best treatment possible.

Simple, fast and safe inhalation therapy few components - very quick setup straightforward assembly prevents incorrect operation practical medication level indicator improved nebulizer technology reduces therapy time by up to 20%.

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