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Wednesday April 1, 2015
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100% Cotton Pillow Cover

Made from 100% Cotton. Membrane Free Tight Weave Construction. Mean Pore Size Less Than 6 Microns. Zippered Closure. The Revolutionary Technology in the construction of the 100% Cotton fabric allows for total breathability with the feel of the finest cotton linen while providing the ultimate in dust mite relief and protection. No barrier needed. 100% Cotton mattress, boxspring, pillow and duvet encasings are constructed from fabrics woven using the most up-to-date technology that create a barrier to dust allergens. No laminate is needed. The membrane-fee, tight-weave construction prevents dust allergens and pet dander from becoming airborne. No membrane means the most comfortable and cool nights sleep and allergy relief. All of our covers are laboratory tested and efficient against dust allergens and pet dander.

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